Somerville resisted arrest. After a brief struggle Somerville was handcuffed and transported to the St. Mary's County Detention Center where he was charged with disorderly conduct, 2nd degree assault and resisting arrest. Part of the wonder of the memorial is that seems like far too grand a word for it. It small (roughly 60 feet square) and formed by nothing more exalted than three metal railings, celine handbag prices 2013, the kind police normally use for crowd control. Here there no need for control. 
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It's not as easy as people would think, Celine Trio Bag, but if anyone in here has been in that situation, they would know how it feels and see where I'm coming from. And yes, it is extremely horrible that she had to lose her life for justice to be served. Only problem with all this is that the only people that know the complete truth of the situation is James, Ashley, and little Toryn, who is unfortunatly no longer here to tell the complete true side of it. 
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